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Are you a fan of amusement games and a regular visitor to downtown casinos? With the home quarantine period in full swing, you’re stuck at home and there’s no way you can go to these places. Good thing, online slots games are aplenty these days and allow you to still enjoy your favorite game of chance in the comfort of your home.

Difference between Land-based and Online Slots 

Playing slots is a game of chance and considered one of the popular casino games around. It’s done by spinning the reels to match the symbols when it comes to land-based slots. Most countries offer both land-based and online slots games which are allowed legally, but there are countries like Indonesia that have strict rules against gambling although Indonesians are free to bet on slot online that are based outside the country. Some even prefer it to land-based as it provides an advantage since it offers more reels and pay lines plus a wider variety of games.


How to Play Online Slots 

There are plenty of online slot casinos to choose from, but just be sure to do proper research if it is legal since there have been cases of scam or illegal online casino sites. To be able to start playing slots, you need to create your casino account and provide your personal and payment information. Payment options include PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and a credit or debit card. Once you have obtained your welcome bonus, you’re all set to play slots and it’s also easily accessible through your smartphone. 

Strategies to Win at Slots Online 

Playing slots online is a game of chance and a form of gambling, thus, expect that everything is a risk and completely random. The good news is, you can highly improve your chances to win by taking note of these strategies and tips:

  1. Try to practice with free games first.

Make it a habit to start with free games first before playing for real money. It will allow you to hone your playing skills and familiarize the quirks of the games. Playing with bonus rounds is also great because as they say, “practice makes perfect”. 

  1. Be sure to study the paytable.

The slots have a unique paytable that indicates what symbols are the most lucrative as well as their individual worth. It also gives hints if a game has wild symbols. By studying and mastering it, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the game and improve your chance of winning.

  1. Select the slot carefully. 

Each online slot is unique and no two games are entirely alike so be sure to choose it with utmost care. Slots online vary in terms of symbols, features, themes, soundtracks, and return to player (RTP) rates. Settle for games with a high RTP for a greater chance of slaying a win. 1IMAGE SOURCE: 

  1. Go for smaller jackpots.

Games with huge jackpots are a real magnet, but if you aim to win, then opt for smaller jackpots due to its frequent payouts compared to games with big jackpots. 

  1. Take advantage of the bonuses.

Online casinos give bonuses as special offers and these include free spins which are meant to attract customers, a welcome bonus which is a total match to your first deposit, and the no-deposit bonus which is a small bonus amounting from $5 to $10 that is offered to customers in exchange for the registration.  Make sure to use your bonuses when playing slots online to gain more chances of winning.  

  1. Set your budget and stick with it. 

If there’s a golden rule that you should commit yourself when playing online slots, it should be “to set a budget and stick with it”. Before starting a game you should be able to make that commitment to not spend more than you can afford to lose and be firm with it. Sometimes, casinos play some tricks to make you spend more, don’t fall for those.

Playing online slots always gives that adrenaline rush and endless excitement. However, make sure that you’re a responsible game player and always be wary of the rules. You can considerably improve your chances of winning by keeping in mind the strategies discussed above. 

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