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New Smiles: Procedures on How to Realign Your Teeth

Some of us may be a little bit insecure about our teeth and the way we smile. It affects how we see ourselves and interact with people. Our mouth and teeth are the most exposed part of our face, and also the most used, thus it can go through some wear and tear. It is also common to trauma from sports or just casual accidents in our daily lives. Along with these issues, we have tooth decay and gum disease that can damage our beautiful white teeth. These are just a few things that can change our smiles.

No matter what the underlying cause, there is always going to be a dentist that can help us with this issue. As mentioned at this site, we can always get the smile that we always wanted, as there are plenty of procedures that can change our look and the function of our smile. Together with the help of experts, we made this list of five common treatments on how to realign the teeth and achieve a beautiful new smile.

Metal Braces

You can straighten your teeth using metal braces, as this is a tested method that dentists have been using for a long time and the most commonly known type of braces. It will correct the alignment of your teeth and your face asymmetries. The procedure is done by attaching metal brackets to the outer and front surface of your teeth. These braces also have flexible wires and bands attached to them, which can be replaced and adjusted monthly. This procedure works well with someone who has complex dental alignment issues. 

In some cases, headgear is attached to fixed braces additionally. The metals are most commonly made of stainless steel, but the wires that go into the braces are different depending on the dentist and the case, some are made of nickel, titanium, or copper. Metal braces usually cost around $3,000 and $7,000 depending on the case and the amount of work that needs to be done.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces, also called clear braces are the same as metal braces, just made from ceramic materials. This is a procedure used to straighten the teeth and fix bite issues. The only difference is that they consist of clear or tooth-colored ceramic brackets that have the same colored wires and rubber bands which make them not stand out unlike metal braces. The amount of time to fix your teeth with both metal and ceramic is the same, the only difference between the two being that the latter provides more discretion. 

The process of straightening is also the same, but the ceramic type of braces are more prone to staining and can break easily by force and in time. In terms of price, ceramic braces cost a little bit more than metal braces, from $4,000 to $8,000, and once again, depending on the case and the amount of work that needs to be done.


Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are the type of braces that can be removed and this is a completely different alternative to the traditional metal and ceramic braces. Invisible braces are made of clear plastic aligners that will fit over your teeth and make them form into their correct position gradually. They look like a mouth guard that can be removed and replaced every two weeks or as needed. However, this option is mostly for adults only and it is not recommended for severe tooth alignment cases. 

They are nearly invisible and most commonly called Invisalign but the correct name of this type of braces is “clear aligners”. This process may take longer than attaching the metal and ceramic braces. The price of invisible braces is similar to the price of ceramic braces, somewhere in between $4,000 and $8,000.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are also another type of invisible braces, they are similar to clear aligners, however, they are attached to the backside of the teeth. They are called lingual braces because of the lingual surface is the backside of our teeth that faces our tongue. Although they are convenient, this type of braces is not for everyone, as dentists need to check if you are eligible for it. 

Same as invisible braces, they are not recommended for severe tooth alignment cases, they also take longer to work around and are harder to get used to. In terms of maintenance, they tend to be complicated and harder to clean. They’re a lot more expensive as the cost of this procedure is between $5,000 and $13,000, which is the price you need to pay for having completely unnoticeable braces.

Teeth-Straightening Surgery

Doing surgical procedures to straighten your teeth is also an option for you, it is an extreme way but can also lessen the time of wearing braces. This will be suggested by your doctor or you can also ask them if this procedure is fit for you. Minor surgical procedures consist of repositioning the bones and gums for your teeth to be in place. A more involved procedure might also require to realign your jaw, which is called orthogenic surgery. This is only suggested if your teeth affect your speech or chewing ability. This option is the most expensive of them all, and the cost will be decided on the type of surgery that you will be having.

With these procedures already in mind, it is still important to ask your dentist which one will be the most suitable for your teeth and health condition. If you have ever had any teeth alignment problems, be prepared to enjoy plenty of benefits after getting one of these procedures done. It is not just for straightening your teeth, as it can also help you with gum disease, it can prevent tooth decay, cavities, and bone erosion. Improving your bad bite and misaligned jaw can help you improve your speech, as well. Consequently, you will see a boost in your confidence in no time.

New Smiles: Procedures on How to Realign Your Teeth