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¿Can CBD cure my dog’s dermatological woes?


The skin conditions in dogs are a common problem. If your puppy is itching, biting, and licking the skin constantly and your home and car are full of dog hair, then it indicates your four-legged friend is suffering from a skin condition. It is very uncomfortable for your pet. But if left untreated, it will spread and cause harmful infections. There are some topical and medications available to relieve them from this tormenting pain. But the majority of them are prepared from synthetic chemicals. But the good news is you can use CBD to soothe the itching and irritation in your pet’s skin. CBD is an organic compound, and it helps deal with many dog skin problems. 

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a plant chemical found in cannabis plants. It is present in both marijuana and hemp. According to federal law, only hemp-derived CBD, which contains less than 0.3% THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, is legal in the US. THC is responsible for the intoxication and psychoactive properties of marijuana. But CBD has no mind-altering effects. It is well known in the wellness world for its therapeutic benefits. There are specially designed CBD products for pets available in the market. From treats to tinctures, several CBD products in the market can favor your pet’s health.

What are the reasons for skin allergies in dogs?

Skin allergies are one of the most common problems in a dog’s life. It can be a genetic problem too. But dogs are also affected by the same allergies as humans. Some common reasons for skin allergies are,

● Pollen:

Pollen of the flowers or the tricky tiny spores that float in the air and are very hard to see can be a reason behind your dog’s skin allergies. Though pollen is an organic substance, it works as an allergen in many immune systems.

● Pests:

Bugs, insects, and parasites carry different kinds of bacteria that are harmful to dogs. Some of them bear specks of dust in the skin, and some bugs even bite dogs. These tiny parasites live in the skin and are extremely difficult to get rid of because of their small size. Always protect your furry friend with flea and tick prevention.

● Mold:

Molds are unhealthy for both humans and dogs. But as dogs don’t understand what mold is as the owner, you have to be careful. Sometimes dogs get skin allergies because there is mold growing inside your house.

● Fur:

It sounds strange that your furry friend might be allergic to fur. If you have two dogs, one of them may be allergic to the other one’s body hair.

● Hygiene:

Good hygiene is crucial for good health. If the dogs have poor hygiene, it would be easier for them to catch skin allergies. If the skin is stuck with too much dirt, saliva, or anything else, it causes acne.

● Genetics:

Like humans, dogs get certain traits from their parents too. Skin allergies can be hereditary. Your dog’s breed also plays a significant role in this. Vets suggest it is best to prevent skin allergies in the first place. You can check your dog’s coats every day to ensure there’s no redness or inflammation taking place.

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How CBD helps dogs with skin problems?

● Pain Reliever:

Some skin conditions come with excruciating pain. CBD is a great pain reliever; it reduces the pain and gives them instant relief. You can use CBD Balms or tinctures to aid this condition. You can even use these products if your pet has undergone some surgery or illness, as it will boost their immunity. It will also help and soothe any discomfort which follows after the surgery.

● Anti-inflammatory Property:

Itchy skin, redness, and swelling are common symptoms of most skin problems, and all of them cause inflammation. Even when the immunity system sends antibodies to evoke the invading allergens, it causes inflammation. CBD activates the endocannabinoid system or ECS, which helps CBD to act as an anti-inflammatory element.

● Rich in antioxidants:

CBD is rich in antioxidants which help rejuvenate skin cells, improve skin texture and skin tone. It also helps soothe the skin. Antioxidants also add a protective layer to your dog’s skin.

How to give your dog the daily dose of CBD?

There are mainly two ways you can give your dog the daily dose of CBD. You can go for oral consumption or skin application. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system, which affects our internal organs too. But for targeted pain relief or skin conditions, the topical application works much better.

Here’s when you should apply CBD on the skin topically:

● When your little puppy is suffering from redness, swelling, itching, and inflammation, use a topical application of CBD. It focuses on working in that area and binds the receptors. It helps restore homeostasis in the affected area of the body.

● In case of skin issues like dryness and rashes, the topical application of CBD works way better than oral ingestion. Oral ingestion takes time to work. The CBD flows through the bloodstream then starts working on the affected area. But the topical application works directly on-site.

● If you want your dog’s fur and skin to glow, you can try topical application of CBD. CBD is rich in antioxidants. Applying CBD balms or massaging them with CBD oil adds a therapeutic advantage. You can use it post-surgery to ensure the skin doesn’t inflame or taut much when it heals.

Here’s when you should avoid using CBD on the skin:

● When you are in a rush, don’t put CBD oil or topical on the dog’s skin. It will make the skin oily which will make it easier to catch dirt. Instead, you can give your furry friend a little CBD treat to eat.

● When the targeted area is too easy for your dog to lick off, there is no point in massaging it with CBD oil. He will probably lick it off so, try an oral route instead.

● Also, oral ingestion is a better choice if you want the CBD to have other body effects. CBD is also great in treating anxiety, stress, and other health problems. Also, it works much more quickly and provides comfort in comparison to other methods of CBD consumption.

Though most benefits of CBD are not scientifically proven yet, CBD works wonders for dog’s skin problems. You can easily buy CBD products for your dog online or offline. Always buy from a reputed brand and always do your research before making any purchase. By reading all the customer reviews, it will give you an idea about the brand’s authentication and reliability. 

CBD also moisturizes your dog’s skin. If your pet faces any medical conditions, consult your vet before starting CBD. Start with a small dosage and keep records of developments. Buy CBD for your pet and relieve them from these dermatological woes. It is always good to try something natural and organic to heal any ailments instead of going with any artificial methods.

¿Can CBD cure my dog’s dermatological woes?